" Thank you so very much, you really made it special for all of us. It was such a thoughtful and loving ceremony. Wonderful "


You are superb at what you do. "

Our Celebrations

Your Special Ceremony is highly personal, which is why it’s so important to celebrate just the way you want so that it means something special to you as well as to your family and friends.

With The English Celebrant, that's entirely possible.

Whether it’s your Wedding, your Wedding Anniversary, your  Renewal of Vows, your Elopement or your Baby Naming Ceremony, I will work with you to create the service that means the most to you and that will ensure that you and any guests present can share the Celebration of Your Love that you really want.

What is a Celebrant?

“Delivering Meaningful Ceremony to Secular People”

                                                                                                                    – Dally Messenger

A Celebrant is a person who conducts a Ceremony, it’s as simple as that. Yet Celebrancy is so much more than Birth, Marriage and Death. It involves getting to know you, the couple;  understanding your wishes, beliefs and desires for your relationship as well as for yourselves as individuals...

Understanding that you might be of different religious backgrounds, or none at all, but perhaps a family member holds strong beliefs…

Understanding that there are children from a previous marriage…

All these factors are taken into account while designing the format of your Ceremony.


Symbolic Rituals – other options

The "Giving Away" and the "Exchange of Rings" are the two most common Symbolic Rituals of a wedding. There are many more! Whether it’s Handfasting, The  Quaich, The Wine Ceremony, ​Lighting the Unity Candle, The Sand Ceremony or one of your own devising  – the choice is yours. 

Our Weddings

Your Wedding Day, Your Way.


You choose the backdrop for your ceremony and the format. Together, we design the Wedding Ceremony of your dreams.


Developing an understanding of you, the couple, is of paramount importance in creating your Unique and Memorable Ceremony.


It is preferred that you have signed the legal documentation before your Wedding Celebration takes place, as in order to be legally married the wedding contract must be signed at some point.


Please Note :

A Celebrant is not a legal entity in France ; a legal marriage contract must therefore be signed before a Registrar (UK), a Judge (USA) or the Mayor (Maire, France). More info here, or here.


Getting Married in France