Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies – some Examples :

Hand Fasting Ceremony

The origin of 'I give my hand...", Handfasting is a traditional ceremony in some cultures. A decorative cord or several coloured ribbons are draped over the couple's joined hands. The ends are tied, symbolising the bond between them.

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The Sand Ceremony

Glass containers of coloured sands are poured into the central larger clear vessel to symbolise the unity of the couple. "The sand, once mixed may not be separated". The result forms a beautiful memento of the occasion to keep.

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The Unity Candle

Two tall "Family" candles are lit at the start of the ceremony. At the appropriate point, the couple light the larger Unity Candle in the centre to symbolise their union, the joining of their two families, and their passion for each other .

Getting Married in France

The Wine Ceremony

Or Loving Cup. Perfect for
a celebration in France, particularly
a vineyard! A small glass of red and a small glass of white are poured by the couple into a goblet. 
The particular qualities of each wine are mixed together and cannot again be separated. 

Getting Married in France

Video & Photography etc.

While I am very happy to be your Wedding Celebrant, I am not
a Wedding Planner! There are many wedding professionals here on the French Riviera, from Event Planners to Photogaphers and Florists, Caterers to Dance Bands and DeeJays. Just ask me... 

Getting Married in France

Venue ideas

We are blessed with many wonderful locations here in the South. I can suggest such venues as Châteaux, Vineyards, Restaurants, Hotels, Beaches, Lakes and even Boats where you can celebrate your union with your dear ones.

Make your dream a reality!

Getting Married in France