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Your Wedding in the South of France

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Where to start? An Introduction:

A beautiful setting on the hottest day of the year for this elopement in the iconic village of Saint-Paul de Vence on the Riviera
An elopement in Saint-Paul de Vence

It’s Happened.

Whether it was a romantic surprise over the magical holiday season or by mutual agreement, you’re marrying the love of your life, and now it’s decision time.

So many questions need an answer :

  • Where to marry?

  • How to go about it?

  • What style of wedding?

  • A quiet and intimate elopement, just us two?

  • A huge splash with all our friends?

  • Small yet Elegant?

  • DIY in a holiday home?

  • On a beach somewhere?

  • Who can I get to help, I can't afford a wedding planner?

  • How do I communicate if I don’t speak much French?

You’re right, that’s only the tip of the pile. So how do you go about organising one of the most meaningful and romantic days of your life?

How do you avoid becoming so overwhelmed and stressed that you feel like forgetting about the whole thing?

This is the first in a series of short articles designed to help you to explore your options and to guide you through so that you find the whole planning process as exciting as the Day itself.

Relax – we're here to help you.

As you are probably aware, France, as European countries go, is quite large and every region has its own particular beauty.

I shall concentrate, however, on the area in which I live and work, the south-east of France – that corner of paradise called Provence.

In my next articles I shall describe Provence with the emphasis on wedding venues and go into more detail about the different areas of this evocative and inspiring country.


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