Frequently asked questions

How does the ceremony work?

What form does a celebrant-led ceremony take?

Our ceremonies usually follow tradition lines, however we're totally flexible and we work together with you to provide the ceremony style you desire.

Do you offer bi-lingual ceremonies?

Yes! I've conducted bilingual ceremonies in Anglo / French, Italian and Portuguese (Brazilian). I can also speak a little German.

How long does the ceremony last?

That depends entirely on your input and what you choose to include in your ceremony. The shortest I have conducted has been 12 minutes, the longest 55 minutes. I usually recommend a duration of 30 minutes, as sitting still in the heat of a Provençal summer can be difficult! A typical ceremony with two readings can last around 20 minutes, again depending on the length of the readings. If you choose to add a symbolic ceremony such as the Wine Ceremony or the Unity Candle Ceremony, these generally add from 5 to 10 minutes to the proceedings. A bilingual ceremony will be longer, as much of the content is repeated in both languages.


We're worried about religion...

Our ceremonies are mostly non-religious, secular ceremonies, however you may ask to have certain religious elements added if you or your partner hold strong beliefs. Such elements might include hymns, prayers, Hebrew traditions like Smashing the Glass, even Persian or Parsi Blessings, although these are usually performed in a separate ceremony led by a family member or religious figure immediately after the traditional ceremony.

Family and Guests

Shall we be able to involve our families and / or guests in the ceremony?

Of course! Unless otherwise specified, I love to have your guests feel involved in the proceedings, rather than merely spectators. There are many ways to do this: readings; laughter; active involvement. It's entirely up to you.

Someone very close to us is unable to attend, is there any way of including them somehow?

Sadly it is often the case that a dear family member or much-loved friend is either too ill to make the journey or has died. Or perhaps there is a baby due too close to the date! We can include a Memory Candle at the beginning of the ceremony, to be lit by the appropriate person to represent their presence. This candle may then be re-lit at the banquet table if desired. If a Unity Candle Ceremony is being performed, the candles are often lit from thememory candle. Of course, this candle may serve to represent more than one person.

The legal Part...

Can we marry legally during the ceremony?

Our ceremonies are purely symbolic.

Foreigners marrying in France isn't easy unless you or your parents have a residence here, as proof of residence of at least a month is required (electricity bills etc). All weddings take place in the Mairie (town hall) for the purposes of legal paperwork etc. very much like the register offices in the UK, or the Judge's chambers in USA, before going on to the church or their chosen venue.

So a symbolic wedding only is possible, and you may have that before or after you are legally married wherever you choose to do that part.

Most guests don't realise that the weddings here aren't what they might call the "real" one, mainly because the couple themselves and their parents do think of it as the real wedding – vows are affirmed, rings exchanged, all the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony are included, laughter, tears and all.

Do we sign anything?

Yes, when you reserve me as your celebrant, I send you a Booking Form which you complete, sign and return to me. This serves as a contract. I also provide a decorative certificate to be signed towards the end of your ceremony which may, if you wish, be counter-signed by up to six people on the reverse. This enables you to include whoever you want, be they relatives or significant friends. It also provides an excellent photo opportunity!

What are the costs involved?

Do you have a tiered fee structure?

No, I don't currently work that way. It's the same amount of work for me whether it's just the two of you "eloping" or there are 100 plus guests; whether you want only a 15-minute ceremony or a longer one, my fees are the same. The only difference is the distance I have to travel, and if an overnight or two will be necessary. All travel costs are extra, and an estimation of these will be advised at the outset.