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Celia Ford

About  Us


My name is Celia, and as a trained actress and voice over artist of many years' standing, public speaking, including performing ceremonies of any kind , comes rather naturally to me. 

Having myself experienced a fairytale "love-at-first-sight" romance, and eventual marriage in my husband's hometown in the US, I love helping others to achieve their own dream celebrations.


Many find the impersonal surrounds of a Register Office rather lacking in empathy and romance – our own experience in Ohio was more like waiting in line at a post office with clerks behind grilles ... In fact, neither of us thought of it as our wedding, it was simply the necessary contract-signing and witnessing to be effected before our 'real' wedding could take place the following day.


As such, it’s entirely possible to arrange the signing of the marriage contract very quickly and save the exchanging of the rings until your ‘real’ Wedding Ceremony - wherever you want it to take place !


As the ceremony has no official legal basis, your Celebration isn’t bound by the usual restrictions of Health and Safety laws and of venues specifically licensed to hold such services.


So you can have your Dream Wedding on a beach, in a woodland, on a mountain, in a chateau, in a vineyard, on a park bench, in a restaurant, on a boat – wherever you want to be (subject to local laws and permissions).





Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days in your life. It means so much, not only to you but also to your nearest and dearest.


Celebrating in France means that you and your friends and family will have travelled a long way to share your day with you, and so I like to include them in your ceremony as appropriate, thus making them feel as welcome and special as you feel they are.


If there are just the two of you and me, the ceremony can become even more personal and unique.


Take a moment to browse the Ceremonies page to see what you can add to your ceremony to make it that bit more special and personal to you.


The stunning Provence scenery provides the backdrop, it's up to you what you add to it!

Renewal of Vows


Whether it's your Silver, Golden, Ruby or Diamond Wedding or simply Just Because, a personally written Ceremony will turn a family party into an Occasion to remember.

Or you may wish to renew your Marriage Vows in a particular romantic setting, perhaps to mark a certain date and place that has special meaning for you – like the day you met, the day you agreed to spend the rest of your lives together or the day you both tried to park your cars in the same space and you fell in love...


While ceremonies are certainly important, they do not have to be overly serious; they can be personalised to suit you both and reflect your personalities as individuals,
as well as your continuing committment to each other.


As with all our ceremonies, sample services, vows and readings are available – you have only to ask.

Baby Naming


A Ceremony to welcome your child into the world. What could be more charming? Perhaps neither of you is religious, or you have different faiths, so the Sacrement of Baptism isn't an option.

Each of the Godparents, or Guide Parents – you can have as many as you wish – write (if they cannot be present) or read 

a special message and blessing to the baby: their hopes for the child's future and their own part in it.


The child's siblings, if they are old enough, can also speak their thoughts and wishes for the baby, or perhaps sing a song or read a poem.


Please ask for a sample service, we will work together to personalise your baby's ceremony and make it meaningful for you, your family and your friends.